About Us

Company Profile

We are Prathamesh Enterprises, the registered owner & Manufacturer for “JEEVANDHARA" Water Purifier & R.O. Systems. Since 2007 we have been in this field and have aided numerous lives and families with quality water. We are an ISO Certified (9001:2008) group, dealing in manufacturing domestic, commercial, industrial water purifiers and water softeners. Along with manufacturing we deal in D.M Plants too. Thus, providing a complete water safety package under one roof along with having 200 to 250 Distributors and Dealer network in entire Maharashtra. Plus, we have service engineer’s network all over Maharashtra available (24*7) at your service.

The JEEVANDHARA Purifiers are scientifically crafted in different models to satisfy customers need. We have got strong technical support & in house manufacturing systems so our products are stable and 100% safe and satisfactory. Our company aims is to provide purified, soft and pure drinking water to our customers through JEEVANDHARA Purification System. By providing periodic maintenance & breakdown service, we ensures a pure & safe water at all times. JEEVANDHARA is maintaining high standard quality in after sales & service.

Our Mission

  • JeevanDhara is to ensure that every household has access to clean, fresh and safe drinking and cooking water, for as long as they need it.
  • We also believe that safe drinking water should taste great and should be filled with healthy minerals! Drinking water can then be an invigorating experience as well as be good for your health too.
  • Finally, we strive to use the most advanced technology and innovative ideas, to make our missions possible. We source our technology from around the World, making sure that you always get the best.

Our Vision

  • To achieve our vision we have taken an initiative named Jaltrupti Yojana. With this initiative we plan to achieve our vision of providing safe and bacteria free drinking water to every village, bus stands and all other public places